Using Git and Github Step by Step

Today we had what was technically our first day with The Software Guild. Funny to think after the last two weeks I’ve only now had my first day of this program, but those first two weeks were probationary, almost like rushing a fraternity, and now we’re in! Today we practiced communicating between our Gits andContinue reading “Using Git and Github Step by Step”

C10 Vestibule Assessment March 2020

This blog contains my test and answers and will be incredibly boring for the casual reader. System, Environmen 1.What is P5?P5 is a Javascript library that is geared towards beginners.  2. What does IDE stand for? Integrated Development Environment 3. How do you save a file in the P5 web editor? What naming/saving convention mightContinue reading “C10 Vestibule Assessment March 2020”

Week 2, Day 1- More Coding in the Dark and Pair Programming

Today we had to do two Coding in the Dark assignments that led up to a pair programming project. This week I had not one but TWO partners, Tenzin and Janiece. For our first CITD challenge, Professor D showed us some alien code and asked us to translate it into P5. Here’s the code translatedContinue reading “Week 2, Day 1- More Coding in the Dark and Pair Programming”

End of Week One-Arrays, Conditionals, Constructors, and Git

It is Sunday as I start to write this but I’m sure it will be posted just after midnight Monday morning, bringing a wrap to my first week of code bootcamp at Tech Hire. My classmates and I commiserated together all weekend over our Friday night homework assignment. We were tasked with going through allContinue reading “End of Week One-Arrays, Conditionals, Constructors, and Git”

Day Two- Using Defined Variables to Animate

Today in class we focused on variables. “let” and “const” are in, and “var” is out. Noted. Being able to establish a value for a variable creates a very helpful shorthand. Our assignment was to play around in the P5 editor with color and shapes but to do so with variables that we would thenContinue reading “Day Two- Using Defined Variables to Animate”

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