Week 2, Day 2- Git and Github

Happy St. Patrick’s day!! Professor D announced that we will be assessed tomorrow, so I’m looking for all the Irish luck I can get!

Still from the Disney HIT FILM The Luck of the Irish

My classmates and I are studying laboriously tonight but I decided to take a quick break to recap my journey with Git.

Today we were supposed to create a Github and edit it through our command lines. Since I’m on a Mac I’m using terminal. Now, I already have a Github and have altered it with my terminal before, but I’m still quite new at it.

So much so that when I encountered a login bug it took me 45 minutes to solve it.

So terminal does this cute thing where it asks for your github username. You’ll see a flashing cursor and type it in, all as usual.

Then it will prompt you for your password, only there’s a key symbol where your cursor should be and nothing shows up when you type.

I went through dozens of threads trying to trouble shoot this before ultimately finding an article that explained the following:

Terminal won’t show a cursor or what is being typed when entering a password.

Me side eyeing that stupid key symbol.

I went back, typed my password into the abyss and voila, everything worked!

Crazy how the solution can be so simple yet so hard to find.

Anyhow follow me on Github!

Now back to studying!

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