Digital Ocean Webinar

An ongoing homework assignment in this bootcamp is to regularly attend tech related events and blog about them. The point of this being both to learn more about our fields and to network with others at these events. Unfortunately as I’m writing this post in March of 2020, the world is on fire. And that fire’s name is COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus.

Coronavirus caused our program to go remote, which in tech isn’t that big of a deal. We’re all still learning and working together. However, with coronavirus we are unable to actually attend events and network, which is a huge bummer.

Of course, the events are still taking place, just in a virtual setting. This means we still can learn from them, unfortunately we are losing the networking aspect. Hopefully this situation will become less dire and we will be able to resume attending in public sooner rather than later.

In the meantime though, professor D has asked us to treat a webinar that we attended in class as one of our events.

Chris, the founder of, led this webinar through Digital Ocean.

I will admit, the contents of this webinar were far beyond my scope of knowledge.

Chris explained JAMStack, which is the utilization in web applications of a static front end powered by a dynamic backend.

Those of you interested in this topic can find the entire webinar here.

The structure of this event was pretty cool. Chris presented his topic with slides as viewers asked questions in the chat. I will definitely be attending more webinars as this one proved to be more interactive than I would’ve guessed.

I don’t know how to sum up what was covered in this webinar because it definitely wasn’t aimed at beginners, but I’m grateful to have been introduced to, which is a great resource full of code tutorials.

Anyway, maybe if I study enough one day I can rewatch this webinar and actually understand it. Better get back at it!

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