Day Four-Pair Programming

Today I wrote code with a partner for the first time and it was surprisingly fun.

My partner Caroline and I were tasked with creating code together that played with some of the new functions we were introduced to a few hours before.

We both really liked the color changing effect caused by crossing certain coordinates. We agreed to try to create a sunset with this.

And if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I already have the code to start that sunset from Tuesday’s homework.

We looked at my code and decided that we wanted adjust it in the following ways;

•Make the sun reverse directions so that it looks like it’s rising.

•Create an effect that turns the scene into night by changing the colors of the water, sky, and sun when the sun is out of view

•Add a star effect to the night sky that disappears and reappears in conjunction to the sun’s coordinates.

And we did it!

It’s hard to do it justice here but above is the sun rising and below is it set. Definitely check the link for the loop!

This exercise was particularly gratifying because I feel like I finally conquered some logic that hadn’t been clicking yet.

Namely just the syntax of conditionals and the concept behind reversing directions on the axis.
It was cool working with a partner because we were forced to talk out loud about our confusion and our process, I think that’s why I finally was able to grasp those concepts.

Anyhow, please check out mine and Caroline’s sunset/sunrise at the link above!
And read Caroline’s POV of the experience on her blog.

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